Extended reality.

Unlimited movement. Limbic®Chair for XR.

Limbic®Chair for XR

Introducing the world's first portable connected chair that enables hands-free control and navigation through a variety of XR environments, all without the need to worry about bumping into physical objects in the "real world" around you.

Intuitively use your natural body movements and everyday gestures to control and navigate within XR environments.

Move. Run. Drive. Fly. The Limbic®Chair elevates your XR experience to a new level of depth and precision in movement. And the best part? You get to choose which movement controls which action on the screen.

Weight &

General specs
Chair weight 9.1kg (20lbs)
Chair dimensions L/W/H 52/53-66/61-74cm
Sitting surface height 55-67cm (adjustable)
Cable: USB-C to USB-A Cable, 2.9m
Battery lifetime (for wireless operation): Up to 12 hrs
Battery charging time: 2-3hrs
Materials: Aluminum and plastics, 100% recyclable

Sensors & data
output, batteries

The Limbic®Chair contains 5 sensors, 3 contactless
magnetic sensors for yaw detection, and 2 IMUs for
detecting pitch and roll of the shells.
YAW sensors: 

→  1 contactless sensor array measures yaw of the center
axis of the chair

→  2 sensors measure yaw-rotation of the seating shells
(1 contactless magnetic sensor on the left, 1 on the right,
located at the bottom of the rotational axes)

PITCH- and ROLL sensors: 
→  2 IMUs are located underneath the seating shells to
measure pitch and roll of each shell individually, 1 on the
left, 1 on the right.

The Sensors are connected to the Limbic®Chair’s
motherboard via internal cables.

The Limbic®Chair's electronics are fully certified by GS and
TÜV, and contain FCC IDs, MCQ-XBEE3 and

Data output
Data from the 5 sensors is processed on Limbic®Chair’s motherboard and outputted to the LCS (Limbic Control System software, ©LimbicLife, included) on your computer at a rate
of approximately 100Hz.

Data transfer from the chair to the LCS is encrypted
(access to the raw data is available with some of our
developer packages, see below).
Data transfer happens via USB cable (2.9m, included) or wirelessly.

Limbic®Chair contains 2 rechargeable batteries for
wireless operation. 

Battery lifetime (for wireless operation): Up to 12 hrs
Battery charging time: 2-3hrs

LCS Configuration
& compatibility

The LCS (Limbic Control System, ©Limbic Life) software connects to the Limbic®Chair wirelessly or via USB.

LCS turns the encrypted data from the Limbic®Chair into highly configurable output that can control computer functions. These can be everyday functions, like scrolling and zooming or specialized functions, like navigating XR or controlling objects.

LCS lets you assign each axis of the chair and combinations thereof to specific keyboard-, WASD-, mouse-, and mouse wheel functions.

These configurations can be saved for specific applications and auto-apply once set.

Workplace innovation
For example, you can set "both knees up/down" to control the scrolling function in your browser. Like for a mouse, you can adjust its sensitivity.

→ LCS will not use this function on other applications (unless so configured) or when your browser is not in the foreground. 

If you choose that 'knees apart/together' does ' zoom in/out ' in your image processor, LCS will know to apply this function to your image processor when it is in the foreground, but not to other applications (unless so configured), or when your image editing application is in the background. 

→ If you, for example, also configure "one knee up, other knee down" as "rotate", you can already do 2 basic and often-used functions - zooming and rotating - with your Limbic®Chair.

This will make your work more efficient, as your hands can do other things, and more healthy since your back and pelvis are in a constant, gentle flow.

LCS also contains simple, convenient one-button functions, such as RE-CENTER the Limbic®Chair, MUTE, CONNECT/ DISCONNECT.

Navigation in XR
You can assign leg movements to navigation functions in XR. For example knees apart = accelerate, knees together = decelerate/stop, etc., for precise, seamless, hands-free 3D motion in up to 5 axes.

Configure it any way you like!

Free updates
LCS also provides firmware updates for your Limbic®Chair and lets you set up its connectivity. The Limbic®Chair can be configured to be part of an existing WiFi network or it can generate its own standalone network.

LCS is compatible with Windows 10, 11.

Packages for Developers

Standard LCS Software (©Limbic Life)
(Windows 10, 11, included with chair purchase)

→  Basic Limbic®Chair control functions, such as, MUTE, RE-CENTER, CONNECT/ DISCONNECT
→  Setting up wireless functions (WiFi as part of an existing- or a standalone network)
→  Setting up customized keyboard, WASD- and mouse-(wheel) functions for different applications running on Windows  →  Outputs configurable specifically for each application.

Limbic Controller License 

CHF/ EUR 1'000.-+ tax)

→  The Limbic Controller License lets your LCS produce game controller-style outputs [-1,+1,].
→  These outputs are configurable for axes/combination of axes, as well as i/o ratio and -type.

Raw Data License

CHF/ EUR 6'000.-+ tax

The Raw Data License allows your LCS to output raw chair data in full resolution. Includes the Limbic Controller License.

Full Developer API 

CHF/ EUR 8'000.-+ tax

XML to fully configure LCS. Includes the Limbic Controller License and Raw Data License.

Technical Certifications, Packaging & Environment

Technical certifications:
→  GS
→  TÜV
→  Contains FCC IDs:    
     →  MCQ-XBEE3    
     →  2ABPY-5B9198

→  Dimensions L/W/H 60 x 40 x 60cm
→  Weight 12.5kg
→  Packaging made from 100% recycled cardboard

Package contents:
→  Limbic®Chair
→  USB-C/ A cable 2.9m
→  LCS Software for Windows 10,11 (download)

Download PDF


Designed for makers, by makers.

Developed at MIT.
Engineered in Switzerland

Built by Dr. Patrik Künzler (MD, MSc MIT Media Lab), Limbic®Life empowers you to  connect seamlessly with your surroundings, immerse yourself in AR and VR through its sensors and most importantly – to create through building your very own applications.

Get a Limbic®Chair

Software packages
for developers

Standard LCS Software

Windows 10 & 11 included

Basic control functions, wireless
functions and customized
keyboard, WASD- and mouse-(wheel) outputs.

Limbic Controller License

CHF / EUR 1.000

Produce game controller -
style outputs configurable for
axes and i/o ratio and - type.

Raw Data License

CHF / EUR 6.000

Output raw chair data in full
resolution. Includes the Limbic
Controller License.

Full Developer API

CHF / EUR 8.000

XML to fully configure LCS.
Includes the Limbic Controller
License and Raw Data License.

All prices exclusive of VAT

Hear from the others

Thanks to the Limbic® Chair, our patients can navigate through XR safely and intuitively while sitting, without using their hands.

It also provides a more immersive experience.

Limbic Life even developed special therapeutic games for us to use with Limbic® Chair.

– Raluca Babota, Head of Clinical Programs, The Kusnacht Practice

Limbic® Chair has made my experience of XR more intuitive, faster, and safer.

Now that I don't need to use my hands for navigating anymore - the chair does it - I can use them for interacting in XR, just like I do in the real world.

And it is more portable, much lighter, and significantly cheaper than other hands-free navigation devices. I can use it at my desk.

– O. Brupbacher, CEO, Artist, Technology Explorer

Even doing small everyday tasks like scrolling and zooming with your legs, will have your pelvis and back in a constant flow and activate your spinal muscles.

This helps with posture and helps prevent back pain and injuries. We should all do it.

– Dr. A. Krüger, Orthopaedic Surgeon

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